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How it works

WOW Surf School Gisborne

WOW Surf School Gisborne offers surf lessons to all ages, groups, beginner to advanced surfers: everybody is welcome! We use variety of tried and tested techniques that help both Adults and Kids learn how to surf waves in no time!! Each lessons is tailored to your level to ensure the best learning experience possible.

Come to Gisborne Surf with WOW for the ultimate in surfing fun!!

WOW Surf Lessons

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How it works

WOW Surf School Lesson Plan

  • Meet at the Beach 10 minutes prior to your booked time *
  • Sign the Surf Activity Form
  • Receive your Wetsuit & board
  • Check the conditions with the instructor
  • Beach safety
  • Warm up Session
  • Practice technique on sand
  • Into the sea to practice technique and catch a few waves
  • De-briefing on what you have learned.

* Location to be decided upon conditions & to be communicated prior to lesson by WOW Surf School.

What to bring

Please Bring

  • Sun Screen *
  • Beach Towel
  • Swim suit
  • Water

* Sun is real strong in New Zealand!

We Provide

  • Surf Board
  • Wetsuit
  • Fun environment!!
  • Jokes **

** Not all of them are good.

What we aim to teach you

We reckon every new surfer would benefit in taking at least 3x 2hr lessons to get a basic understanding of surfing and a few clues as to how to go on to develop the skills you learn. With our Multipass options we aim to help you progress your surfing even further, we think the more coaching we give you the faster you will progress!

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Yep we have those awesome soft boards so that you can surf easily and safely, we also have a few hard boards for the next step! Some of the big brands hooked us up with some nice wetsuits for you to suss out.
More about this soon!

Photos & Video

WOW Gisborne Surf School is offering Photos and Video services tailored to your needs. From choice photos of your first wave, Memorable Facebook profile pic to an in-depth expert analysis of your aerial to reverse, we are equipped to cover all your digital needs. You can also hire our photographer to take photos or film your private surf session. Read more about Photos & Video Services

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