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Programmes for Schools


Walking On Water Surf School Gisborne is your Local Surfing New Zealand Approved Surf School.

Our School Group programme has been hugely successful with over 2000 local Gisborne Students learning to surf & loving it.

Water safety education, a fun surfing programme & lots of fun is what you will experience with Walking on Water Surf School.

Our programme links up with Surfing New Zealand and Water Safety NZ requirements for surf & beach safety.

"Thanks heaps Liz! Once again parents & kids are
buzzing about the surfing experience. Much appreciated! Legend."

Stu Barclay
Teacher, Gisborne

We can take whole classes, groups of classes or whole schools surfing. We can join you on school camp or run action days during school hours locally.

With a few options for how we run the sessions, we can do our best to adapt to your budget.

Feel welcome to get in touch to discuss options for your class or school group.

We provide all the gear you need for a safe and fun experience.

We run surf days for school students during school time at our local beaches.

We will also come along to school camps in Makorori Tolaga, Mahia & Anaura Bay.

We are happy to go further afield to meet your school activity or camp requirements.

We provide all the gear kids need to learn to surf. Wetsuits, boards & leg ropes.

We do Risk Analysis Management for all our beach locations, we have an emergency action plan, first aid experience and surf lifesaving certification.

We take extra care with children who are shy, uncomfortable in the water or have special needs.

"We all wanted to tell you how much we loved surfing, and appreciated your great teaching technique. You have a lovely way of supportively correcting and instructing, as well as great personal knowledge and skill. Thank you so much for a fantastic introduction"

Riley Family


  • Get kids engaged with one of our local treasures-The Ocean!
  • Learning Basic Water & Beach Safety.
  • A new skill & an empowering experience they will never forget-riding a wave is an exhilarating experience.
  • Turning “I can’t” to “wow I kept trying & now I can!”-great lesson in persistence leading to mastery.
  • Build relationships with teachers & fellow students through shared experience and cooperation.
  • Buddy system to encourage kids to support one another.
  • Increase water confidence, we work with students of all levels to enjoy the experience wherever they are at.


"The majority of the students had never had the opportunity to try surfing before and their excitement at their ability after just one session with you was great to see.
It was a great sense of achievement for them & was definitely one of the most popular activities we've had. Many thanks Liz!"

Glenda Sambrook
Teacher, Gisborne

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